My most significant learning experience 2015-2016

In May, this will be the site where 26 teachers engaged in further education or continuing professional development in English in Norway will share their most significant learning experience in the study year that has passed. It is always exciting to see what aspects of the course they highlight as the most effective part.

So, here is where you can share your reflections, starting with your comment to this post. Later, you are welcome to comment on your fellow students’ blog posts as well. I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

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KFK English 2: new year – new students – new vocabulary activities

In September this year a new group of students started their work with English 2, our blended further-education English course for teachers in Norwegian classrooms (Years 5-10). Just like in previous years, these students have to make their own blogs with an entry about how they have worked with vocabulary development in their own classroom.

Two years ago, Scott Thornbury made an entry on his A-Z ELT blog about vocabulary teaching, using material from our in-service teachers’ blog reports as illustrations.

You can read about how this year’s students have worked with vocabulary here:
Year 10: Vibeke | Pål | Brit | Ingrid |Linda |
Year 9:   Ulrika | Marita | Trude |
Year 8:  Karl Andreas | Hanne |
Year 7:   Aud | Erik | Marie |
Year 6:  Elise |Venke |
Year 5:  Bettina | Katrine |

MarteNorunn | Sigmund  | Merete | Elisabeth | Therese | Natalia | Torill

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RE: Postmethods pedagogy

We have discussed “postmethods pedagogy” in our English 2 course this spring. It seems to me that there is some writing and talking across purposes going on in the media at the moment. I find it difficult to imagine sensible and experienced teachers taking “methodological freedom” to mean teaching any way they like. Still, this article by Thomas Nordahl explains his view on the matter. We may not all share his strong belief that “research-based instruction” has only one unique definition, and one set of obvious implications, but it is useful to get a clear idea about one of the positions:

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My most significant learning experience as a student of English 2014-2015

Again, a long time has passed since I wrote anything on this blog. This does not mean that nothing important has happened. Since September 2014 I have had the privilege of working with a wonderful group of teachers from various places in Norway, who are studying English 2 as part of their professional development as teachers of English. In the middle of May they will be submitting their pedagogical development project (PDP) reports, which is directly related to their own work in the classroom, and at the beginning of June they will be discussing their work as part of their examination.

And now, towards the end of the course, I would like to ask you to write a blog post here as a comment to this entry. Please scroll down the screen and write your response under “Leave a reply”. The question I would like you all to answer is:

What has been your most significant learning experience this study year?

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HiOA- University of Iowa co-operation

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My most important learning experience 2013-2014

As we are getting close to the end of yet another year of English 2, our blended course for teachers of English, the participants are asked to reflect over their learning this year, sharing what they have found the most important for them. Thinking back on the course itself, activities, topics, their own work with various types of entries for the professional journal, these teacher students are given a chance to share with me and each other what they have found particularly meaningful. I’m really looking forward to reading what they are thinking!


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News about our textbooks in English for Years 1-2

This article was posted on our college webpage today. It is about Explore 1 and Explore 2, two of four new textbooks and materials for learners in years 1-4. I am one of three authors, the other two being experienced primary school teachers: Ellen M. T. Edwards and Elisabeth Moen. Next year and the following year, Explore 3 and Explore 4 will come out. In addition to the books for the learners, there is a Teacher’s Book for each year and, not least, wonderful interactive material for teachers and learners. We are particularly proud of all the audio resources available to help teachers who have not studied English and who are worried that their own pronunciation and intonation is a bit rusty!

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